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Carnival Costumes Photos Venice

Venice Carnival Costumes in Photos

Just back from Venice Carnival 2014. Although I did spend plenty of time in the kitchen making Carnival treats and on cicchetti crawls with my […]

Venetian Carnival Fritters with Pastry Cream

Buon Martedi Grasso, Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! Today we’re making sure we have just a little fat for Fat Tuesday with Venetian fritters (frittelle) filled […]

Venetian Carnival fritters with Nutella

Nutella filled Venetian Frittelle

Today is the international holiday, World Nutella Day, hosted by Michelle from Bleeding Espresso and Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy.  Six years ago “with […]


Favorite Scenes and Costumes from Carnevale 2011 in Venice in Photos

    Carnival 2011 in Venice is over. The costumes, the masks, the balls, parades, parties and frittelle are all finished until next year. All […]


Martedi Grasso – Fat Tuesday in Venice

  Fat Tuesday in Venice, and “Ogni scherzo vale” (Every trick/prank is ok) is the saying for today. Think of the U.S. holidays Halloween and […]