Om shanti… for now! Our little haven in the digital world has traded its pixels for grains of sand. We’re currently chilling in savasana (corpse pose) on the beach, lulled by the rhythm of the waves and the gentle trade winds whispering secrets through the palm trees. But fear not, yogis and yoginis! Change, like a breath in and out during pranayama (breathing exercises), is natural. We’re in the midst of a transformation, and just like a graceful warrior transitions into a flowing downward-facing dog, we’ll be back with a brand new virtual space to greet your sun salutations. Or perhaps yoga.vu might be ready for a new purpose?

In the meantime, why not channel your inner island zen? Unfurl your favorite sarong beneath a shady palm tree, let the sound of the ocean wash away any worries, and feel the warm volcanic sand beneath your toes. Remember, vinyasa (flowing postures) are like island hopping – each pose a new adventure to explore, a hidden cove to discover within your own body. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, find your flow, and embrace the serenity. Until we meet again on the mat, may your days be filled with sunshine and your practice continue to blossom. Namaste!