French Pastry Making Workshop


Learn the art of making French pastries in this Private half-day pastry-making workshop. Each class will have its own focus on a particular pastry theme and your private group chooses from one of the following themes: Pate a choux, macarons, seasonal fruit tarts and creams, or the classic entremet, le Fraisier. We’ll demystify the art of the French pastry chef and show you the techniques, tips and tricks to create these classic French pastries at home. You’ll sample some of what you make in class and leave with a box of your own freshly-made French pastries and a whole new set of dessert-making skills.


Class Schedule: Afternoons from 1:30pm to 5:30pm upon request and as available
Includes: Pastry cooking class with tasting, take-away box of pastries you made, booklet of recipes
Class size: Minimum 2 people – Maximum 10 people per class
All classes are conducted in English

Pricing (All classes are for private groups and based on the size of your group):

2 or 3 person group:  $350 per class

4 to 6 person group:  $100 per person

7 to 10 person group:  $80 per person



Pate a Choux: Eclairs and More –
Make several types of choux paste pastries, including the Èclair, religieuse and chouquettes. Learn the secrets to making the perfect choux dough so you have a light an airy center (need room for a filling of pastry cream) and a crispy crust. We’ll also make pastry cream and ganache during class and learn to professionally fill your choux creations.

Seasonal Fruit Tarts and Creams Class –
This class will focus on fruit tarts of the season. During class we’ll make crumbly short crust dough, the perfect texture contrast to the lusciously smooth pastry cream or chocolate ganache filling. You’ll also make pastry cream and almond cream to fill your fruit tarts. Along with two types of fruit tarts, you’ll also make the classic Tart au Chocolat.

The French Classic: Fraisier –
Learn how to make the ever-so-elegant and even more delicious popular French birthday cake, Le Frasier. You’ll make a genoise cake, a creme mousseline and combine these with strawberries to make this classic French pastry, just like those that fill pastry shop windows from Paris to Provence. Learn secrets to mastering each step, and you’ll be able to whip this dessert up “tout suite” for your friends at home. (Note: This class is available only when strawberries are in season, approximately April to June.)

Macaron-Making Workshop –
We’re making French macarons in this workshop. You’ll learn how to manipulate those egg whites and almond powder into perfect little sandwich cookies and the tips and tricks to get that ever-so-elusive foot and smooth and shiny macaron surface. We’ll make three flavors of macarons and fill them with chocolate ganache, salted butter caramel filling and a lemon curd filling, depending on availability of lemons.


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