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Sunday at the Bastille Market

In Paris there aren’t many places open on Sundays.  That’s ok with me.  The streets are less crowded and there is much less traffic.  I […]

A Day of Making French Baguettes

Karina, a friend from culinary school, used to work at a boulangerie here in Paris.  I was telling her how awesome it was for me […]

Cafe Life in Paris

Cafe life in Paris is a huge part of the social scene of the city.  It’s the place where people come together.  You go to […]

Buying Easter Chocolates in French

The US and France seem to have at least two things in common when it comes to Easter.  We both buy chocolates and many of […]

Pastries in the Park in Paris

  It takes a little while to adjust to an apartment in Paris.  For instance, the kitchen in my rented apartment, where I imagined creating […]