Italy on a Plate: The Week in Italian Food: Jan 29, 2011

Dining table in Italy

The week in Italian food has a nice roundup of recipes.  Pasta recipes for orecchiette, ravioli and lasagna for primi piatti.  For secondi, there are few traditional dishes – polpettone, porchetta and stoccafisso.  We have more than a few dolci, including a sweet bread and sweet story from Perugia.  Eating Italy includes food finds in Tuscany, more about pizza lessons from Bonci in Rome, a “nonstuffy” guide to ordering wine in Italy along with tales and tips on eating & drinking in Todi, Verona, Puglia and Sicily.

On a side note, except for Italy on a Plate, I’ve been a little absent due to an unplanned and last-minute trip over the last few weeks.  Now, I’m back in my own kitchen and with my computer.  You can be sure the week will be full of food & travel in Puglia, Provence and Paris.  I will also have Pugliese pasta and Nutella recipes coming up at the end of the week – World Nutella Day is next Sunday, you know!

Enjoy this week’s roundup of Italian food & buon appetito!

Cantucci and vin santo


My Choice for This Week’s Top 10 Italian Food Recipes from Around the Web:

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe, Sausage and Tomato PestoItalian Food Forever

Mushroom LasagnaCiao Chow Linda

Ricotta Ravioli & a Kitchenaid GiveawayBell’ alimento

Polpettone al FornoNapoli Unplugged

PorchettaItalian Notes

Stoccafisso: Pan Simmered Whole Dried Cod with Tomatoes and PotatoesScordo

Italian Rice Pudding TartletsJul’s Kitchen

Pears Poached in a Tuscan Red Wine (Pere Martine al Toscana Rosso)The Front Burner

Il Torcolo di San Costanzo – A sweet bread and a story from Perugia – Anne’s Blog

Marmellata di Mandarini: A Winter RitualZ Tasty Life




Cheese and salami in Italy


Eating Italy:

Top 25 Tuscan Food FindsEmiko Davies

The Battle of The Baccala – History of baccala in Italy and some regional dishes – Freya’s Florence

How to Order and Enjoy Wine in Italy (Nonstuffy Traveler’s Guide)Walks of Italy

Passion for Pizza: BonciOver a Tuscan Stove

Unearthing a Culinary Rarity: Cheese from a Pit with Vittorio Beltrami, Le MarcheLa Tavola Marche

10 of the Best Places to Stay, Eat and Visit in VeronaThe Guardian

Happy Hour Bars in FlorenceNile Guide Florence

Best White from Puglia? Fatalone’s Gioia del Colle Greco SpinomarinoDoBianchi

Todi: In the Land of Grechetto – Umbria on the Blog

Il Leoncino – Pizza in Rome – Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

A Perfect End – All about Vin Santo – The American in Italia

Modica and the “Dark Chocolate” – A little history about chocolate in Sicily – Sicily Lovers

Italians Refuse to Give Up Their Ice Cream Amid the Belt TighteningThe Guardian






Upcoming Food and Wine Festivals in Italy:

Almond Blossom Festival – February 3 to 12 – Agrigento, Sicily

Cioccolentino 2012 – February 10 to 14 – Terni – Chocolate festival and more in the Umbrian town half way between Rome and Perugia

Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale – February 10 to 19, 2012 – Florence – Artisanl chocolate festival

Carnevale di Venezia -February 11 to 21, 2012 – Venice – Not really a food and wine festival, but it is a festival, one where the entire floating city becomes a stage, that one should attend at least once in a life time.

Cioccola-To – March 2 to 11, 2012 – Turin – Italian chocolates & more, with a focus on the chocolatiers of Turin, fill the Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

Taste Firenze – March 10 to 12 – Florence – The Leopolda Station

Sagra della Seppia – March 18 to 25 – Pinarella di Cervia – The seaside town near Ravenna celebrates seppia

VinItaly – March 25 to 28, 2012 – Verona – Italy’s largest wine exposition

Wine in the City – May 16 to 19 – Naples – Throughout the city wine will be the focus of this event, where there will be wine to taste

Vitigno Italia – May 20 to 22 – Naples – 8th Annual Wine Festival in Naples at the Castel dell’ Ovo

Firenze Gelato Festival – May 23 to 27 – Florence – The piazzas and streets of Florence will be filled with gelato stands and gelato!

Events in Tuscany – Site listing many events throughout Tuscany, and not only food and wine

Events in the Langhe area of Piedmont – Site from the Alba Tourist office listing many festivals, mostly wine & food, happening in the Langhe area of Piedmont


Join me on a Food & Wine Lover’s Culinary Journey Through Puglia!


Food in Puglia



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Genovese and Other Classice Neapolitan Sauces from Citta del Gusto

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  1. Adri Crocetti
    January 29th

    Thank you so much for including The Front Burner in this week’s Top 10 Recipes. I am truly flattered. Each week you amaze, inform and entertain us, bringing a wealth of info together in one place. Grazie!

  2. domenicacooks
    January 30th

    Another fantastic roundup. I know this must be time-consuming, so just want to say thank you for taking the time.

  3. Frank
    January 31st

    I always enjoy these posts because I am sure to discover yet another impressive blog that I hadn’t known about before. This week it was “Front Burner”. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Simona
    January 31st

    Very interesting post, as always. As a perugina by birth, I would like to add that on the day the city celebrates San Costanzo, the air smells like torcolo. It’s a very special treat. Fortunately for visitors, it can be tasted throughout the year: recommended.

  5. Simona
    February 3rd

    There is something for you on my blog.

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