Italy on a Plate – The Week in Italian Food: April 3, 2011

Orecchiette with Goat Ragu

Welcome back readers of Italy on a Plate!  I don’t know about you, but I feel like this month has gone by way too fast.  Yes, my recent trip to Italy is sadly over.  I hope you’ve been following along and enjoying my posts.  Although I’ve shared only a little of my trip with you so far; several posts from Carnevale in Venice, a Pizza Lover’s Odyssey from Naples and Italy in Chocolate from Turin, I have so much more to share.  Look for more from Napoli, a ton from Lecce & Salento (another place in the South of Italy everyone should visit), more chocolate from Turin, and a few pieces on food & travel in Rome and Florence.

Today, however, I’ve found recipes from around the web posted during the last month that I’ve been away. Together, they could make up several meals for you this week.  I’ve given you 15 instead of the usual 10.  Eating Italy is packed with lots of good eats from around the boot, including a cooking class in Napoli (which I also attended), food in Palermo, gelato, pastries, pizza, the new DOCG wines and more.  Enjoy and Buon Appetito!  


My Choices for This Week’s Month’s Top 15 Italian Food Recipes:

Piadina Romagnola – Italy Magazine

Zuppa Certosina – From Artusi’s March Recipe: Soup from a Tuscan Monastery – Emiko Davies

Creamy Asparagus Soup – Italian Food Forever 

Lasagne alla Veneta with Radicchio from ChioggiaCima di Rapa (video recipe in Italian)

Gnocchetti Sardi – Malloreddus (Sardinian Pasta)Dalla Mia Cucina

Tricolore Tagliatelle – To Celebrate Italy’s Unification 150 years ago – Bella Baita View

Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Confessions of an Italian MammaDomenica Cooks

Pasta con La Mollica for Italian Father’s Day – Over a Tuscan Stove

Shellfish RisottoCiao Florentina

Baccala alla Pizzaiola  (Salt Cod in Pizzaiola Sauce)Chef Chuck’s Cucina

Stoccafisso alla Genovese (Genovese-Style Stockfish) – Beautiful Liguria

Lamb Shanks alla RomanaMemorie di Angelina

Peposo (Slow Cooked Peppery Veal Stew)La Tavola Marche

Pinza della Nonna (Venetian Bread Pudding) – Classic Venetian winter dessert – Cook in Venice 

Torta Mimosa to celebrate International Women’s Day – Ciao Chow Linda



Birthday Cake for Italy's 150th Unification



Eating Italy:

10 Students, 6 Teachers, 3 Sauces and a Glass of Wine – Bonnie’s fantastic write up from our Neapolitan Sauce class in Naples – Napoli Unplugged

Five Days in the Fatherland – Katie is eating her way through Palermo – Parla Food

Italian Mamma’s Put Meals on Wheels: Say “Mangia!” to Faraway Offspring – Mamma’s in the south of Italy send food up to their kids who live in the north – Wall Street Journal

Switzerland Meets Sicily in Rome – Pasticceria Siciliana Svizzera – Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Tour del Gelato: La Piazzetta in Turin – Turin Love

Fruttini: Frozen DelightsAglio, Olio & Peperoncino 

Attention: Reading This May Add Inches to Your Waistline – Rowena shares her weekend of eating in Northern Italy – Rubber Slippers in Italy

Top 5 Wines of CampaniaCharming Italy

The Art of Roman Pizza: Learning From Italy’s Famous Baker – An interview with the famous Roman pizzamaker Gabriele Bonci – The Atlantic

Table for Two – Romantic Dining with a View in Rome – The American in Italia

Culinary Journey: Gelato in PisaVelvet Escape

Italy Celebrates Unification with 20-Grape

The Great Edible Easter Shrine Challenge – Build an Easter Shrine, take a photo and possibly win a prize – Moscerina and Parla Food

Italian Wine DOCG News – Now Up to “59” – The 59 DOCG wines of Italy – On the Wine Trail in Italy


Chocolate Eggs from Turin


Upcoming Food and Wine Festivals in Italy:

Cisterna Wine Expo – April 16 to 17 – The town of Cisterna di Latina outside of Rome hosts the wine-expo and tastings

Vinitaly 2011 – April 7 to 11, 2011 – International wine festival in Verona

Gelato di Marca – April 16 & 17 – Treviso in the Piazza dei Signori – Artisanal Gelato Festival with Tastings

Slow Fish 2011 – May 27 to 30 – Fiera di Genova – 5th edition of the International fair dedicated to sustainable fishing

CousCous Festival – September 20 – 25 – San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily


Pizza Margherita from Sorbillo


Related Posts:

Torta Settevelli – Seven Veils Cake from Palermo

Gianduja and Nutella Cheesecake

Happy 150th Birthday to a United Italy

Tasting Venice – A Food Tour with Monica Cesarato

Involtini di Melanzane – Starter for a Sicilian-Inspired Dinner 

Pasta all’ Amatriciana from Rome





  1. Paula
    April 3rd

    Okay. WHERE do I find ground GOAT???? the goat ragu looks delish.

  2. Andrea
    April 4th

    Heading to Roma in May. I have found so many wonderful things on your blog!

  3. Eleonora
    April 6th

    Thanks for the shout-out!!

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