Scenes from CioccolaTo – Chocolate Festival in Turin

 Giant Caffarel Gianduiotto Bar at Cioccolato


As you know from my recent post Italy in Chocolate, I spent several days in Turin at CioccolaTo, Turin’s chocolate festival.  Actually, my month in Italy was planned specifically for two things: Carnival in Venice and CioccolaTo in Turin. All the amazing other things that happened during my Italy travels between these 2 events were just chocolate ganache on the torta cioccolata! 

For two weeks in March, Piazza Vittorio Veneto was transformed into a chocoholic’s (called ciocco-dipendenti in Italian) paradise.  Hundreds of chocolate makers in Turin and Piedmont participated, and also those from all parts of Italy and Europe, selling chocolate and giving out samples. A lot in the way of chocolate education was also available to those interested in more than sampling. 


Italy Carved in Chocolate at Cioccolato

Italy's Monuments in Chocolate


There was the tent that housed Italy and 20 of its monuments in chocolate.  Also in the tent, highlights of Italy’s united 150-year history and the history of chocolate in Italy were displayed on storyboards that lined the tent walls.  

There was a chocolate demonstration booth, where various Piemontese chocolatiers and pastry chefs showed the audience chocolate making, baking, decorating and tempering techniques. Chocolatier Silvio Bessone sponsored a booth that had chocolate-making machines, in operation, during the festival. There was an interactive chocolate education area designed for children, although I saw some adults playing the learning games.  A photo exhibition of chocolate-making and chocolate wear were also on display.


Chocolate Booths at Cioccolato



The cinema in the piazza, Cinema Empire, showed chocolate films from around the world (Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, Bianca, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, and more).  If you were exhausted after eating all that chocolate, you could recline at Spalm Beach – a play on Palm Beach and Spalmabile, the generic term for the spreadable chocolate & hazelnut goodness many know as Nutella.  If you needed even more pampering, a spa, Cocoon Center, in the piazza offered free chocolate beauty & wellbeing services.

Although Turin is most noted for its Gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut bars), there was plenty of other kinds of chocolate available – dark, milk, white, hot chocolate, chocolate liqueur, chocolate gelato and more.  Here are scenes from CioccolaTo 2011:


Caffarel Gianduia Stand at Cioccolato in Turin
Caffarel Gianduia Stand in the shape of a Gianduia Bar


Ziccat Chocolatier at CioccolaTo
Ziccat Chocolate


Chocolate, Giandiua Liqueur and Boeri chocolates at Cioccolato
Melted Chocolate – Gianduia Cream Liqueur – and Chocolates


Chocolate Rochers at Cioccolato
Chocolate Rochers


Guido Gobino Chocolate at CioccolaTo
Guido Gobino Booth


La Perla Chocolatier Turin
La Perla Chocolate Booth


Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Covered Candied Citrus at Cioccolato
Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate-Coated Candied Citrus


Spalm Beach at CioccolaTo
Spalm Beach


Chocolate Wear at CioccolaTo
Chocolate Wear


Cremino and Gianduiotto from Cioccolato
Cremino Nocciolato Gianduia & Gianduoitti in the Tricolore of the Italian Flag


Chocolate Making Machines
Chocolate Making in Progress


Chocolate Making Process in Photos
Chocolate and Gianduia Making Process Displayed in Photos


CioccolaTo 2012 is already scheduled!  It’s from March 2 to 11, 2012   (And, Carnevale di Venezia will be from February 11 to 21, 2012.) Just a few reasons to visit Italy in winter!

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  1. I LOVE the Caffarel Gianduia Stand! It’s my favourite Italian chocolate and what clever presentation!

  2. Nancie
    April 13th

    This is amazing!

  3. Dian Emery
    April 13th

    OMG, Chocolate! How did you resist eating everything?

  4. Wanderluster
    April 13th

    A chocolate festival? In Italy?? Sign me up!

  5. Paula
    April 13th

    The chocolate clothing … I think that’s something I should get my daughter for her honeymoon, right?? :-)

  6. Debi Lander
    April 13th

    I have just added this event to my bucket list.

  7. Kathy
    April 13th

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Corinne – And, the clerk was dressed like Gianduia (the Turin Carnival character from the 1800s).
    Dian – I didn’t resist….Death by chocolate was a real possibility. I was also doing more chocolate research/tasting, in addition to the festival, for an upcoming Travel Belles article, so I had definitely overdosed on chocolate by the end of those 5 days.
    Paula – Actually, there is always non-edible fabric under those chocolate garments. Might I suggest the spalmabile al gianduia (spreadable gianduia) for your daughter’s honeymoon :-O
    Debi – Glad to hear it. You’ll definitely enjoy the trip.

  8. Carrie
    April 14th

    Clothing made out of chocolate? Have I died and gone to heaven? Great post. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Simona
    April 16th

    I love the tall Easter eggs and miss them a lot. Without them, it doesn’t feel like Easter to me. I know, they are expensive, but they are so pretty!

  10. Kathy
    April 18th

    Carrie – Chocolate heaven, that what it was.
    Simona – The decorated eggs are so pretty. They were all over Italy, practically the day after Ash Wednesday. I remember seeing my first in Rome that Thursday.

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