Snow One Day – Sun the Next – Carnevale in Venice

Snow in Venice


What a difference a day makes. If ever that statement was true, it was today.

Yesterday, I walked outside to this. Snow!! Let me tell you this California girl was COLD! (So cold, I started having second thoughts about coming to Venice during this time of year.) I walked through the snowfall to San Marco’s Square early in the morning hoping to find a few costumed people to photograph. There was no one but others like me, camera in hand, shivering and sad.


Snow in Venice for Carnival

Snow one day in Venice


Today, I walked outside and the sun was shining. Yesterday, I had four layers of clothes, a coat, two scarves (wrapped so tight that one wrong move and I might have hung myself), gloves, and ear muffs. Today, two layers was a little too warm. I even got crazy and left the ear muffs and gloves at home.


Island of San Giorgio in Venice

St Marks Square, Doges Palace and the Bell Tower in Venice
Sun the next day


When I got to San Marco at 8:30am, (now my daily morning ritual along with a frittella for breakfast), I was late. Crowds had already formed around the posers in costume. However, we had so many more posers today to photo. This was the Carnival that I remember from four years ago, a party in the square. Some decked out in elaborate costumes and some with only a mask. All of us making merry for the festivities.

Today may have been the most beautiful day I’ve ever spent in Venice. I’m so glad I came. Like they say, what a difference a day makes.



Venice Carnival costume 5

Venice Carnival 3

Venice Carnival Costumes 4

Venice Carnival 2011 5

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival Costumes and Gondolas

Venice Carnival Costume in St Mark's Square

Venice Carnival 2011

Venetian Carnevale Costumes



It seems many of you enjoyed the photos of costumed Carnival-goers as much I enjoyed taking them, so I’ved added some more to this post.





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  1. monica cesarato
    March 4th

    I love your photos!!!!!!!!!!! I hoe we can get some more like these ones on Sunday!!! Can’t wait! Ciao

  2. Tuula
    March 5th

    The photos are amazing!! Oh so beautiful & so elegant! Love them… It’s a bright sunny day here too, so hope you’ve got lots of sunshine in Italy this morning :) We’re leaving for Rome in a few hours… at lease we’ll be in the same country, lol. Enjoy bella!

  3. Esme
    March 5th

    These photos are amazing. I am going to join you next year. Have fun in Rome.

  4. Paula
    March 5th

    OOOOO! I have so many costume ideas I can’t stand it! What fun!

  5. Jozee
    March 5th

    “In my Day” there was a popular song that went like this, “What a difference a day makes—24 little hours—brought the sun and the flowers—where they use to be rain” etc. So glad that the sun came out after a snowy and cold day.
    Love the photo’s.

  6. Ciaochowlinda
    March 5th

    These Venice carnevale photos are beautiful and giving me nostalgic feelings.

  7. Gorgeous photos against sunny skies! As much as it look pretty in the snow, I love the vibrancy of the colours in the sun.

  8. Kathy
    March 8th

    Thanks for the comments and compliments all of you!
    Tuula – Yes, at least we’ll be in the same country. Have a great time in Rome, and I’ll be following right behind you.
    Paula – I’m thinking of organizing a Carnevale trip for next year….you better start sewing now!
    Corinne – I agree with you that I like the colors against the sunny background AND I’m much happier with warmer weather.

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