Favorite Scenes and Costumes from Carnevale 2011 in Venice in Photos


Carnival in Venice 2011 Costumes and masks


Carnival 2011 in Venice is over. The costumes, the masks, the balls, parades, parties and frittelle are all finished until next year. All that remains is confetti in the streets; that and the memories. Now it’s time for the lenten fast. Ha! I saw many people breakfasting on frittelle still this morning. So much for that fast. In case any of you want to start planning for next year, Carnival in Venice 2012 will be from February 11 to 21, 2012.

Here are my favorite scenes from this year’s Carnival in photos. Enjoy!



  1. Barbara
    March 9th

    What gorgeous pictures – the colors and, of course, the backdrops, are unbelievable!!! Thanks for posting these lovely posts and pics!!!

  2. monica cesarato
    March 9th

    Wow!!! Fantastic, bravissima!

  3. Tim F
    March 10th

    What amazing photos! I Love the vibrant colors and my compliments to the photographer, they did a terrific job!

  4. Jozee
    March 10th

    Lovely colorful pictures. You did a fantastic job putting this all together.

  5. Tuula
    March 11th

    You did do a fantastic job! Thanks so much for putting in the time (& work) to share this with your readers – slideshow is beautiful!
    *noting dates for next year :)

  6. Istria
    May 26th

    Thanks for informing the date. I am actually looking forward to visiting the next carnival.

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