Italy on a Plate – The Week in Italian Food: 12-5-10


Tonnarelle with Swordfish & Zucchini
It’s a very late edition of Italy on a Plate this week, but it’s here.  I’ve been crazy busy this week cooking up a big Italian holiday birthday dinner (not mine).  I’ll be sharing many of the dishes with you shortly.  A little hint about one I’m very excited to share – Torta Setteveli.  So, I’m sorry I’m late with this week’s edition, but I think it’s worth the wait.  I love all the recipes this week, and they each seems to have touching stories and/or food photos that will definitely have your stomach growling.  It’s a nicely rounded list, from soups to dessert.  Of course, there’ the requisite chocoholic’s dessert on the list, too.  I hope you enjoy. Buon Appetito!


My Choices for This Week’s Top 10 Italian Recipes from Around the Web:


Italian Broccoli Bean SoupScordo

Zuppa di Porri (leak soup) – Memorie di Angelina

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and a gorgeous picture of fresh Porcini mushrooms – Beautiful Liguria

Nonna Isabel’s Lasagna and a touching story about Italian grandmothers – Italian Food Forever

La Divina Cucina, Judy, is making me (and probably you) hungry with “Creamless” Spaghetti Carbonara – One of my favorite dishes from Rome and the photo of the dish is looking mighty creamy – Over a Tuscan Stove

Mamma Agata shared many of her book’s recipes while she was in Chicago, but to me this one sings of the Amalfi Coast – Pollo al Limone (Lemon Chicken)

Mini Chocolate Cakes in Chocolate SauceLa Cucina Italiana

Gelato al Torrone – You could call it a Christmas gelato (In Italian and French, but the translator is on the blog site) – Un Dejeuner de Soleil

Crostata al Cioccolato (Chocolate Tart) – Croce e Delizia (Scroll down for the English version)

Almond Fennel BiscottiThe Star


Antipasti Plate


Eating Italy:

Beautiful story on Cheese Making in Pienza – Information on the local Pecorino (sheep) and Caprino (goat) cheese and how it’s made – Attrav

In Fishing for Compliments, Eleanora goes over the checklist for buying the best fresh fish handed down by a family friend and Positano pescatore – Aglio, Olio, Peperoncino

Not sure what to get that foodie for Christma? How about this: Adopt an Olive Oil Tree in Calabria D

Napoli Unplugged is teasing us with this photo from the Showcolate Festival, but they promise more to come – Napoli Unplugged


Italian Wedding Cakes - Snowball Cookies


Upcoming Food and Wine Festivals in Italy:

Suvereto Festival – November 28 to December 12 – In the medieval town of Suvereto, near Livorno, there is a two-week food and historic festival of local delicacies including wild boar, wine, olive oil, honey and more

Showcolate – Chocolate Festival in Naples – December 4 to 8 (Thanks to Napoli Unplugged for the festival information)

Ancient Flavors from Tuscany and Beyond – December 3 to 8 – Lastra a Signa near Florence

ChocoBarocco in Modica – December 3 to 8 – The Sicilian town famous for its chocolate is throwing a chocolate festival – and you can take a chocolate tour on a Vespa (Some information in English on Sicily Guide)

Dolcemente Prato – December 11 & 12 – A celebration of sweets in Prato (near Florence) – Information from Tuscanycious

Eurochocolate Ski – December 16 to 19 – In the Alpine town of Cortina d’Ampezzo you can eat chocolate and ski – Information in English at Italy Magazine

Sagra della Sfincia – January 6, 2011 – A town outside of Palermo, Montelepre (the town of my grandparents) celebrates the town’s sweet fried dough

Cioccolosita (Chocolate Festival in Tuscany) – February 4 to 6, 2011 – The town of  Monsummano Terme, near Pistoia, hosts a chocolate festival and brings chocolatiers from all over Italy with samples!

Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore (Almond Blossom Festival) – February 2 to 11, 2011 – The town of Agrigento celebrates spring and almond blossoms with this festival featuring typical Sicilian foods

Carnevale di Venezia  – February 26 to March 8, 2011 – A magical event that I would recommend attending at least once in your life, the entire city of Venice becomes a stage

***NOTE: For Christmas Markets and Festivals in Italy, check out my post on Christmas in Italy***


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  1. Krista
    December 6th

    Oh my! Such deliciousness! :-) Love the snowy looking cookies. Mmm, how scrumptious they’d be with my morning coffee. :-)

  2. Elizabeth
    December 6th

    What a great blog! How did I only just now discover it? Brava!

  3. Tuula
    December 7th

    I have to remember to eat lunch before I read these posts – so delicious! I love the adopt an olive oil tree – definitely tops the list of what to get a foodie who has everything :)
    As always, so much good stuff on this list…but I’d just really love one of those snowball cookies, imagine they taste divine!
    Really looking forward to hearing more about your Christmas cooking adventures as well.
    My best friend is Italian-American & her mom does a big Italian spread for Xmas so I’ll get a little home-cooking in CA too :) a bientot!

  4. Kathy
    December 10th

    Krista – They are pretty scrumptious. Most of my family eats them with coffee, morning or evening. I like them as a sweet treat after lunch or dinner.
    Elizabeth – Thank you! I’m glad you found me…always better late than never, right?
    Tuula – LOL! Yes, sometimes, if I haven’t eaten when I’m putting this together, I get extra hungry. Snowball cookie recipe is on this site, if you don’t already have one :-) A few Italian-inspired Christmas posts are up, and I hope we get to see one (or two) from your CA adventures, too.

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