Italy on a Plate – The Week in Italian Food: 10-10-2010

Grilled Calamari at Milky in Monterosso 

All over the boot again this week in Italian food, there are appetizers, primi, secondi and desserts included to make up more than one great meal.  More food porn including more on the Pugliese wedding in Abruzzo (Has anyone made wedding plans in Italy yet?) and a way to work off all you eat on vacation – a 4K walk with through vineyards in the Piedmont region, with food and wine breaks along the way.  Enjoy everyone and Buon Appetito!


My Top 10 Italian Recipes from around the web:

An Italian/English blog I recently stumbled upon, Cime di Rapa (Broccoli Rabe in English) gives us a video recipe for making Panzerotti Baresi

A tasty and easy appetizer inspired by a visit to Turin, with pictures of Turin: Rotolini Salati – Savory Rolled Biscuits from Manhattan Food Project

A traditional Christmas dish from Napoli, Pizza di Scarola – Vegetable Pie from Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

Deb at Italian Food Forever is Making Orecchiette at Home with Step by Step instructions and photos

Italian Dish makes Honeymoon Ravioli - Five-cheese ravioli inspired by the dish she had on her honeymoon

Taking no shortcuts in making the pasta, here's how to make Meat and Spinach Canneloni from Madonna del Piatto

Frank makes Rabbit Ligurian Style (Corniglia alla Ligure) Memorie di Angelina

Three dishes made with the fruits of the fall harvest Earthly Treasures and Amazing Pleasures – Harvest Time in Italy from Love from Italia (Tagliolini with White Truffles, Bruschetta with Mushrooms, Tuscan Wine Grape Cake)

A sweet taste of Tuscany Panforte from Experience Tuscany

Giulia tempts us with a Spicy Chocolate Mousse (Mousse di cioccolato e peperoncino) Juls Kitchen

Tuscan Panforte 

Eating Italy:

Ms Adventures in Italy shares part 2 of A Pugliese Wedding in Abruzzo and the dessert buffet is too much for this sweet tooth to take

Aurelio the Tuscan Cook prepares a Traditional Tuscan Dinner Party from a 16th century villa in Lucca

With a little influence from Austria, Wein and Dine in Italy's South Tyrol  from The Guardian

Katie takes us on her adventures with food at Speckfest Parla Food

Cappuccino Experience reviews a 4K food and wine walk: Mangialonga – Enogastronomic Walk through the beautiful vineyards in the Piedmont Region

Dining in Tuscany 

Upcoming Food and Wine Events in Italy:

Chestnut Festivals Galore throughout Italy in October – from Italy Magzine

Chocoholics in Italy: Eurochocolate in Perugia October 15-24

For those in Umbria that can't get enough chocolate: Altrocioccolato in Castiglione del Lago (on Lake Trasimeno) is from October 15-17

Four days of food celebration in Turin at the Salone Del Gusto October 21-25

List of Fall Food Festivals in Emilia Romagna

La Bonnissima – Festival Del Gusto celebrates the products of Modena from October 22 to 24.

More chocolate for us chocoholics: Cioccolato in Piazza, a chocolate fest in the town of Carpi November 5-7.

The candy Northern Italians associate with Christmas, torrone, has its own festival –  Torrone Festival in Cremona is November 19 – 21.

A magical event that I would recommend attending at least once in your life, Carnevale di Venezia happens from February 26 – March 8, 2011

Not necessarily a food and wine event, but you could make it one:  CiaoBambino is giving away a one-week stay at an apartment in Tuscany. If you'd like to enter head on over to CiaoBambino and comment.


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  1. Paula
    October 11th

    Am practically orgasmic over the fish in the top photo (calamari?). The panforte would be great afterward :-)
    I used 2 of the 3 ways you can enter the CiaoBambino contest (don’t have a blog, so you can do that one). I want to win, so everyone else who enters – please forge my name (LOL)

  2. Kathy
    October 11th

    Paula – Yes, that is grilled Calamari from Milky Restaurant in Monterosso (the Cinque Terre), and it was “practically orgasmic.”
    Good luck with the competition! Hope you remember me if you win :-)

  3. Tuula M
    October 12th

    Well, I’m glad I eat before I read these posts…ahh, the food just gets me dreaming! I made orecchiette with brocolli a few times & loved it…well, the first time had a bit too much garlic, but got the hang of it after awhile! Thanks again for sharing :) love Italian food!

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