Italy on a Plate – The Week in Italian Food: 9-25-2010


While people are making and jarring sauce with their remaining tomatoes and cooking the last of the sweet peppers, we welcomed the Fall season and all its flavors.  Mushroom dishes are popping up everywhere, along with stews and soups.  Be on the look out for more fall dishes with pumpkins, squash, chestnuts, grapes, pears, apples, and more.  What are your favorite fall flavors?

This week's roundup of Italian food includes many fall dishes, a few decadent desserts, and a six-course menu of recipes from Lidia Bastianich.  If you're all about eating Italy, there's enough food porn to have you buying that plane ticket right now: gelato, appetizers from a wedding in Puglia, a chocoholic's dream from Umbria, and pastries from Sicily, to name a few.  Enjoy this week's Italy on a Plate and Buon Appetito everyone!


My Top 10 Italian Recipes from around the web this week:

  • From an Italian blog here is a Piadina Romagnola, street food Italian style from Croce e Delizia
  • Fall flavors of Tuscany abound on this plate of Pork Stew with Vegetables from Experience Tuscany
  • The famous Naples pastry: Sfogliatelle is featured on My Bella Vita's Recipe Wednesday post
  • The grand nonna of Italian cooking in the US, Lidia Bastianich, shares the flavors of Friuli in a six-course meal: Lidia Bastianich's Friuli  Bon Appetit


Eating Italy:

  • Could someone plan a wedding in Puglia (or Abruzzo) and invite me? I want to feast on the flavors of Puglia like Sarah did at this Pugliese Wedding in Abruzzo from Ms Adventures in Italy
  • Aurelio the Tuscan Cook explains why Prosciutto Bazzone is so special and from where it gets its name


Food and Wine Festivals in Italy:

  • Chocoholics in Italy: Eurochocolate in Perugia October 15-24
  • Four days of food celebration in Turin at the Salone Del Gusto October 21-25
  • List of Fall Food Festivals Galore in Tuscany and the Emilia Romagna



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  1. Paula
    September 25th

    Wait a minute – the gelato and wine aren’t on plates!! ?? (LOL) Sounds like reason enough for another series! Italian food that don’t need plates!
    Another great post. (I am counting on these all remaining archived and accessible forever, because I don’t have time/room to download them all. Promise?

  2. Paula
    September 25th

    oops – Italian foodS

  3. Food Lover Kathy
    September 26th

    Paula – Actually, the piadina is considered a street food and not normally served on a plate, either. It looks like none of the pictures I used this week fit the title, ha? I chose them because I thought they matched well with some of the links. And, I haven’t used a pic of gelato in too long. :-)
    All the “Italy on a Plate” posts are catalogued under “Italy on a Plate Weekly Roundup,” and you can find it under the “Categories” section in the column to your right. I hope this helps in making it easier to find. Glad you like the series!

  4. Tuula
    September 27th

    Yum!…mouth is watering over here! I went to Eurochocolate the last 2 years and would totally recommend a trip – it’s really chocolate heaven plus you can check out beautiful Perugia while you’re there. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Barbara
    September 29th

    Wow, just looking at these recipes is making me hungry…and it’s only 10 am!!! Thanks so much for all these links – I can’t wait to try them! Italian food is always so good…and so varied! There seems to be a taste for everyone :) GRAZIE!!

  6. Mary R
    September 29th

    I’m so excited to have found your blog! You had me at that first ice cream cone!
    I love Italian and French food as cooking and eating customs, so I’m so looking forward to diving into your blog!

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