Gnocchi alla Sorrentina Guest Post at Napoli Unplugged



During my recent visit to Naples, I was fortunate to meet the awesome couple behind Napoli Unplugged,  American expats that call Naples their home.  Their website is a treasure trove of information on Naples, its history, museums, events, and transportation information, all helping to make it easier to plan and navigate your way in Naples and the surrounding Amalfi Coast.  Not only was their website useful for planning my visit, but Bonnie treated me with a personal tour of some of the sites suggested walks.  Now that I've returned, every morning I check their daily photo blog, see the beauty of Naples through their eyes, and make a virtual revisit to Napoli.

I was honored when they asked me to write a guest post about one of my favorite foods of the Campania region.  I picked one of my favorite Italian pasta dishes, and one that highlights the best of the ingredients of the region.  You can find the recipe and a little of my reminiscing about Sorrento here: Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.



  1. Jozee Pizzurro
    September 21st

    This is as delicious as it looks. You will be reaching for a second helping. It is that good!

  2. food lover kathy
    September 21st

    Well, thank you Jozee. I might just let you be taste tester for another recipe. ;-)

  3. Paula
    September 25th

    YES! gimme a G-N-O-C-C-H-I!!! Gnocchi!!!

  4. Mary R
    September 29th

    I’m in love with this picture!

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